Camping Light Series​

Choose Us to Boom Your Business​

The different models feature different functions, for example, with solar panels or without, rechargeable or non-rechargeable, AC charging or USB output for mobile phone charging, portable or hanging, and even a combination of fan and led light, or combined with a fan or lantern.
Available in Different Designs, Goldmore Camping Lanterns are functional as well as attractive, they are available in different designs to meet different needs.
Eco-friendly Materials, The lanterns are made from eco-friendly materials and feature a super bright and long-lasting LED light.

Battery Operated Lanterns

The cheaper yet competitive rate of our battery-operated lanterns might gain accomplishments for the big progression of your own business operations.

Camper Awning Lights

When having a rush searching for camper awning light productions, Goldmore has thousands of stocks that can surely provide your strict needs.

Outdoor Camping Lights

Goldmore outdoor camping lights are designed through our professional design engineers. They manufacture these camping lights perfect for any outdoor activities.

Rechargeable Camping Lantern

In-house tooling equipment, Goldmore rechargeable camping lanterns are developed in our state-of-the-art equipment, under the supervision of our qualified engineers

Solar Camping Lights

Our solar camping lights can be beneficial to consumers and the environment. This can reduce pollution and free from contamination of the air, water, and other elements.

Solar Inflatable Light

Great numbers of inflatable lights are for your reference. High waterproof and inflatable are their most important advantages.
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